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TLC #104 B  Our “Serviceable”, “FIVE” & “DUAL” Functions, “Optically Combined” #205 WINGTIPS®

Some prudent Trailer Manufacturers* have begun to adopt our 2 Color, #205 Red/Amber WingTips®* because these tough Lexan®, one bulb Lights … when outboard edge fender mounted … point rearward as well as forward, thereby truly representing the “Widest/Extreme Overall Width Point”*.  They also provide three other bonus! augment safety functions, including the valuable “Location Light” feature that will enhance the quality and safety of any Trailer or RV.
*Best mounted at extreme outboard locations on Fenders… but, can be legally, practically and conspicuously mounted other ≈”mid-locations”

Our WingTips® are unique in that just aPAIR” of these all Lexan®, 1/2 RED / 1/2 AMBER*, 360° Visible Lights, simultaneously provide both sides of any Trailer with FIVE (5) valuable SAFETY FUNCTIONS:

1.        “LOCATION LIGHTS” – Since WingTips are “specifically faceted” for optimum”mirror seeability, they provide surrounding drivers and pedestrians bonus! safety conspicuity that isn’t mandated by Federal Law … but should be!

“Location Lights” are best mounted at the “Widest Point” and nearest to average traffic eye level as practical to allow surrounding drivers and pedestrians to vividly comprehend the “Presence” and “Extreme Width” of the Vehicle, while also providing the driver better “clearance and direction perception” when backing up at night or in foul weather.

2.        When mounted near to eye level as practical … and while projecting plenty of Amber and Red Light to the sides at Intersection Crossings provides the vehicle with Bonus SIDE MARKER LIGHTS”* to better avoid dreaded “T-Bone” intersection type crashes**. 
*”Conspicuity” represents the 1966 Vehicle Safety Act’s “Main Objective” and is the basis for most of the FMVSS #108 Regulations
 **Feds now call “Accidents” … “Crashes” … because many so-called “Accidents” are really avoidable! 

3 & 4.      FMVSS #108 allows Optically Combining* of a single bulb design with a Red Lens, facing the rear and an Amber Lens facing the Front … thus providing “BOTH CLEARANCE LIGHTS” and when mid (extreme outboard) mounted, they also truly represent the “Widest Part”** and “Extreme/Overall” Width of any large vehicle.  This arrangement also provides some bonus “inboard and outboard conspicuity” to close up, and about to pass as well as to adjacent lane traffic … features not currently mandated by FMVSS #108 … but should be.
*“Optically Combined” is a FMVSS #108 Term that allows the dual use of a Lens Area and/or dual use of the Illumination
(See TLC #118). 

5.         The fifth function – outboard fender mounted WingTips®, provide a bonus pair of “AUGMENT TAIL LIGHTS” that nicely compliment the Standard Mandated Tail Lights while most likely being positioned nearer to average traffic and pedestrian eye level and mounted to represent Extreme Width better than most 7-Function (or 3 Function) Trailer Tail Light Assemblies in use today.

Bottom Lineall FIVE of these additional Safety Features definitely help surrounding drivers and pedestrians to better see, and remain consciously (and subconsciously) aware of this Vehicle’s Presence, Size and Location … as well as clearly depicting the vehicle’s Widest Area*, Extreme Width* and Overall Width*We can guarantee! that all end users … particularly experienced Trailer Owners … will (sooner or later) thank those providing them with these kinds of bonus, grief-saving and expense saving features! 
*NHTSA and Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Terms that are used interchangeably


Also, note that just one of our all Amber WingTips® mounted on the Trailer Tongue, simultaneously provides both of the always mandated Frontal (side pointing), Side Marker Lamps because both Left and Right functions are “Optically Combined using one bulb results in yet another Lamp saved as well as the lifetime energy savings.  See TLC 103B and TLC 105B.

In the past couple of years, we have found four Lighting Manufacturers/Importers illegally selling “Confusing” and/or “Exact Copies” of our Patented and Trademarked Wing Tip® Designs.  Included in these infringements is Optronics who have Tooled and are currently selling cheaply made, exact looking copies of our Dual and Single Color, 360° FMVSS #108 Compliant WingTipÒ Designs that undoubtedly violate our Patents, and perhaps Optronics is also violating our U.S. Registered Trade Names

We will be forced to file Patent and Trademark Infringement complaints against all those who remain “involved” in any way of violating our Patents and Trademarks … Ask “Wesbar” (now “Cequent”) about our 5 week “Federal Trial” in Milwaukee against Wesbar for “Patent Infringement” and “Product Disparagement” (with malice) where a Milwaukee Jury found for us and against Wesbar …   We will always defend our Inventions, Trademarks plus our Quality and Integrity Reputation.

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