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Recently, we’ve photographed and tested many quite expensive, “in use”, 3 and 7-Function “LED” Stop and Turn (lane changing) Lamps including many failed CHMSLs … where because of Seal Failure … have prematurely (partially or totally) quit working, and in most cases, are also, displaying “trapped” moisture droplets behind their also Sun Faded Lenses.  We even found a number of high-priced, and supposedly, high-quality Glass Lensed “LED” Emergency Lamps mounted on new, $200,000+ Fire Engines … where 40+% of these very expensive “LED” Lights already had seeable water droplets* trapped on the inside surface of their Glass Lenses.         *Thus, 100% humidity

It’ becomes apparent to anyone taking the time to study outdoor used LED Light Designs … that sooner or later, “seal failure” leads to water (and/or 100% Humidity) getting inside the lamp, which  …first, degrades” … and soon, “fully destroys” the “LED” Electronic Circuitry that’s needed to keep the “LED Array” illuminated.

So what good is a PROMISE of a LONG “LED” LIFE? … which is basically the only feature that “LED” Lighting Manufacturers have to brag about … if, in reality, the LED Circuitry can’t be reliably protected from Heat and Moisture degradation so that their LED Lighting can be “Unconditionally Guaranteed” by a reputable U.S.A. company for at least, 10 years of normal, uninterrupted use?

Furthermore, take notice of how a fading and/or partially lit* “LED”** lamp … that’s wet inside … and has Lenses and Reflectors internally coated with grime appears to the public.  Their obvious high failure rate, non compliancy record and Non-Serviceable Designs degrades any Vehicle!      *Looks like “missing teeth”       **or even Incandescent Lamps for that matter!

On any given day, anyone can easily find, anywhere in the USA and Canada,  already in public useall kinds of “LED” CHMSLs and other Brake/Turn LED Lamps that are partially or totally disabled from water infiltration, which was, most likely, “sucked in” when the Lamp Assembly was “super heated” from extended use in hot outdoor temperatureswhile gaining even more heat from the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays … and, most probably … from a “combination of all three”* …  and then, imagine! … all of a sudden … this entire “Hot” Lamp Assembly is totally inundated with cold waterfrom a sudden rain storm … a garden hose from a Car Wash nozzle … or by being totally submerged at a Boat Launch Ramp.   *Such as can be caused by a common Traffic Jam on a hot, sunny day

Under real life, accumulated “Hot” outdoor conditions … which will sooner or later be applied to all Trailer and RV Lighting … the typical “Sealed” Multi-Function LED or Incandescent Lamp will be drastically “thermally shocked” and thereby, instantly collapse the trapped air inside, resulting in water being literally “sucked in” through any tiny factory crack or later acquired imperfection in the Factory Seal.   Realize that no matter how good the “hermetic factory seal” is designed … it will most likely succumb to the heat generated, instantly changing negative and positive pressures that unprotected outdoor vehicle lights are subjected to regularly

Under these conditions, “Water Suck-In” can take place thru any tiny flaw in any temporary or permanent Seal used because the cold water that … from time to time … will be engulfing and “chilling” the entire Lamp will also … sooner or later … be flowing across any flaws in the Seals or across “stress cracks”, which are generated in most all Hermetic Seals from repetitive, thermal lens flexing* forces.                *expansion/contractions

Factory Imperfections and vulnerabilities are inherent in any inexpensive (or even expensive) Hermetic* Sealing** method and can easily appear after just one (or a few) drastic thermal expansion and contraction cycles … which, in reality … is nearly an impossible problem to avoid when trying to design Serviceable, inexpensive, 100% Waterproof” Multi-Function Lamps that are fully exposed to all the outdoor Elements while also experiencing instantaneous, 100+°F thermal changes from submersion or inundation.        *Hermetic means “Air Tight”                 **Remember the “Challenger’s” O-Ring problem?                                

Bottom line - you can bet that nearly all Hermetic Seals will … sooner or later … allow some resultant water to leak inside the Lamp or into the LED Circuitry Chamber so you must consider, what will be the effect of this water and resultant 100% humidity* … on the insides of the Lenses/Reflectors and on the very water-sensitive “LED” Circuitry, while also considering the unavoidable “Disabling Rusting” of inside Steel parts.             *and deposited “grime”

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