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TLC #119 B – ELIMINATE costly and unreliable “3 TO 2” WIRE, ELECTRONIC CONVERTERS!

Our recently developed, “RED/AMBER SWITCHOVER SYSTEM” provides any Trailer with a Lighting System that can immediately adapt to either a “SPLIT”, or “COMBINED” Brake/Turn Lighting System Tow Vehicle, thus eliminating the need for any costly and unreliable “3 to 2 WIRE” Electronic Circuitry always required for “Split” system Tow Vehicles towing a Combined” system Trailer.  These kinds of “Black Boxes” have been required … at great expense… for millions of trailer owners over the past 30+ years … but needn’t be required anymore if our new “SWITCHOVER SYSTEM” is adopted, which in total, costs about the same as using any Special Adapter Plugs and “3 to 2 Wire” Electronic Converters – check it out!

“Separated Turn Signals” (that is, “Split” Brake--Turn Lighting Systems) now include about 50% of all newer Tow Vehicles whereas, these Vehicles have to use and maintain special “Electronic Converters” in conjunction with the typical 4 wire* (round or flat) Wiring Connectors, which are still used on most small and medium sized Utility, Cargo and Boat Trailers.

The expense of adding a separate set of our SP-LL “Split Off” Amber Turn Signals is about a “push” considering the elimination of the expense for a “3 to 2 WIRE” Converter plus its installation and upkeep expense.  Additionally, by incorporating this option, the Vehicle ends up with a Cool! Dual Color, modern and more massive Lighting System that most everyone will notice and like!                     *Most using the 40+ year old Industry Standard, 4 Wire Hook Up “Wishbone” wiring approach:

        Brown = Running Lights … Green = Right Brake/Turn …Yellow = Left Brake/Turn …White = Ground

Be aware that this “Switchover System” is strictly an optional add on choice that can be used with our Standard, Universal, Red,

7-Function SP-LL Kit while still using the existing wiring system plus adding the supplied 5th (Red) Wire* along with the pair of Amber/Clear SP-LLs and corresponding 2 Blade SWITCHOVER Connectors.

This combination allows anyone, anytime to instantly “Switchover” any Trailer from “Split to Combined”, or “Combined to Split Brake, Turn Systems at a moment’s notice, depending on which type of tow vehicle is being used at the time … thus, providing an invaluable, one of a kind, feature when different Tow Vehicles are (or will be) used over the lifetime of the Trailer  or RV.        
*Supplied in the Amber/Clear SP-LL Kit

This system really works well, plus it adds the latest Detroit/Japan “Styling” plus the now popular “Red/Amber and/or Amber/Clear color combinations” … and these extra costs will still be about the same as buying, adapting, installing and maintaining a “3 to 2 WIRE” Electronic Converter - check it out!    *Which also increases “perceived and true value” of the Trailer

For those ≈50% of Tow Vehicles that don’t immediately need “Separated” Brake/Turn Signals … the Two Amber/Clear lights can be used temporarily or permanently as Clear Back Up or Clear Area Lights or with Amber BulbsAmber Flashing Signals or ?? … which are simply wired into the Tow Vehicle’s Back Up or Emergency Flashing Circuits using the extra wire provided in the Amber/Clear SP-LL Kit.

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