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The only totally legal Custom Aftermarket “LED” “Exchange” Tail Light Assembly” that we know of … I saw at the last SEMA* and AAPEX* Shows.  This Multi Function Light Assembly we can confidently bet is fully compliant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #108.     *We will again have booths at both shows in November in Las Vegas 

It is made by HELLA®, who, we all know, make 1st Class Vehicle Lighting Products … so we can pretty much be assured all of Hella’s lights are indeed legal for use in the USA* as well as in ECE* Countries, plus Japan, etc. These Lights (see attached) were exclusively designed as Exchange” Lights to upgrade and provide quality custom uniqueness for the new Ford 150 Trucks.       *Remember, USA and ECE Lighting Regulations are supposedly “Harmonized”

This Hella® “LED” Design uses about 30 High Quality, High Intensity  LEDs, plus it incorporates the very attractive “Conal Reflective System”*, which assures that the “Effective Projected Luminous Lens Area” (EPLLA) represents … at the least … 7-3/4 in² of Effective Projecting Facet Areas aimed within the “Test Pattern” of 20° Left to 20° Right … 10° Up to 10° Downwhile definitely not including any of the Transparent and/or Non Projecting Areas in the EPLLA tally.   See TLC 128A.  Further, I’m willing to bet Hella® has also provided extra Photometric Output to compensate for the known “LED Heat Losses” - as the LEDs heat up on a hot day.       *Like Cadillac first introduced ≈3 years ago

A pair of these Cool! Ford F150 “Exchange” Lights retails for about $500 … need I say more?

The only totally legal “LED” Aftermarket Trailer*, RV and Big Rig Brake/Turn including Signal Light being sold in the U.S.A. that we could confidently bet are also fully Compliant to FMVSS #108, is made by Peterson®.  It’s their 56 LED “Model #45” (see attached) design and it is also very expensive … retails for ≈ $120 each!  It’s advertised as “ECE Compliant” and therefore, must also be FMVSS #108 Compliant.
                *Trailers are treated the same as Motor Vehicles for Side and Rear Lighting mandates

In European countries and Japan, there is “no way” any Importer can get “ECE” Approval for FMVSS #108 non compliant Brake/Turn Lighting, particularly when, for instance, an LED design can be expected to lose up to 50% of their output on a hot day or if a design allows the deposit of grime and road dust on the inside lens and reflector faceting … which brings up the subject of the degrading effects of launch water and road splash and dust deposits from “Air Trapping” and “Fill and Drain” designs.
See TLC 129.

Furthermore, we know to get “ECE” approval, also requires compliant 11-5/8 in² of “Effective Projected Luminous Lens Area” and provable Candela compliance when tested under all physical sun, heat and moisture conditions the lighting product may experience during its guaranteed 10 to 20 year? life time.

The early Taiwan made “Exchange” Lights we’ve all seen turning “pink … with peeling plating and with obvious deficient Photometric outputs and obvious below compliance “EPLLA Tallies” … are still being put on our Roadways.   All you have to do is look on “eBay” under “Tail Light” and you’ll see all the imported junk that’s being allowed into the U.S.A. at the expense of our U.S. job market and our GNP, not to mention the obvious degradation of public road safety.

Further, we can confidently bet that both the Hella® and the Peterson® “LED” Lights are made of proven materials that will “last” and will have no fade or warping problems.  Plus, I’d bet both are designed and tested so that moisture, dust and grime won’t infiltrate and deplete the original Lens and Reflector compliant Photometric outputs.

On the other hand, I can also confidently bet that practically all of the Trailers using LED Brake/Turn Signal Lights put into service in the last 10 years … are not compliant to FMVSS #108in several ways, including the very obvious EPLLA and Heat Loss deficiencies; that is … except for the Hella® Ford 150 Exchange and the Peterson® Model 45 Truck designs and perhaps some of the Brake/Turn Lights shown in the attached photos that I took at the recent Work Truck Show that now use 60-80-120 LEDs.  Also, note that new Toyota Work Truck shown in these photos have declined the use of LEDs and has restyled using the See Thru/Plated approach like we offer.

In contrast to the typical Trailer LED Brake/Turn lighting currently being offered Trailer, RV and Truck manufacturers … we can all be assured that 99.9% of all new Motor Driven Vehicles … that is … all new SUVs, Autos and Pick Ups … being sold in the U.S.A. are indeed fully compliant to all FMVSS #108 mandates.

Realize too, that regardless of what’s going on with Importers and their blatant ignoring of Federal Laws …  our Company continues to make products that do comply to FMVSS #108 “EPLLA” and “Photometric”  Mandates, while also satisfying the “Lasting Materials” mandates, which adds additional costs for Engineering, Tooling and Testing, and for the use of quality Lexan® type materials where … in contrast … our copying and cheapening competitors spend little or nothing on Engineering and Testing, and less on materialsTherefore, no one can guess how effective their products are, or how long they’ll last in real-life use … nor does anyone know how many Recalls or unhappy customers or Liability Lawsuits they will generate!

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