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TESTIMONIALS we have received speak for themselves!

From: Rich Axxxx (Seattle, Washington) … Comments: "I have had Dry Launch trailer lights on my trailer for 23 years … through the years some were damaged and replaced with other manufacturers lights … but not even those replacements lasted as long as those original remaining Dry Launch products. I am trying to replace all of my lights but could not find the exact matches. Can you help me out? Thanks, Rich

From: Kurt Kxxxxx … Comments: Excellent! Thank you. I need to learn how not to back my trailer into a wall! Love your products! Do you have any local dealers here in the Seattle area?

From: Richard Nxxx (Pensacola, Florida) … Comments: "I bought a pair of the 701's from Boaters World while they were going out of business. Didn't need them right away but I knew I would sooner or later. I tried to put them on today and I have two right side lights. Is there any retail outlet selling your lights in Pensacola FL.

PS you guys do make the best lights. The ones I'm replacing are LED and are only 3 years old and some of the LEDs stopped working after one year. I've had yours on other trailers and had no issues".

From: Don xxxxx (Green Bay, Wisconsin) Subject: SPLL … Comments: "Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for the SPLL replacement lights, they are fantastic looking and super bright, I could see the quality immediately. It took 30 minutes to replace both and I tested them rigorously the next three days on a very fast moving Fox River in Green Bay, WI, walleye fishing of course. The location of the bulb and the splash guard worked great. On a side note, I participate in many fishing tournaments during the year and I try to support American manufacturers in any way I can. If Dry Launch has any sort of large truck decals or stickers in any way I would be happy to display them with pride on my boat and several vehicles. Thanks for making a great American product".

From: Mandy Lxx … Comments: I was just wondering where I can purchase your products locally. I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and have heard very good things about your product from friends in the United States. I was wondering where I might be able to purchase your Dry Launch lights locally? Thanks

From: John Txxxx … Comments: I have a used boat trailer with your 701's and they are the best lights I've ever had on a boat trailer. I really like the no-tools change option. Unfortunately, while the wires and sockets are in great shape, the tail light lenses/cases have taken a hit and are held on with duct tape. Can I just buy new lenses/tail light bodies without buying a whole trailer kit?

From: Bob Mxxxxxxxx … Comments: I popped on a pair of DRY LAUNCH (701 WBR & 701 WBL) tail lights on my boat trailer in 1982. I had to replace one light about 10 years ago because it was hit at the boat ramp. I am replacing another one now because someone hit it where I store the boat. My tailoring is 100% salt water and I never changed out a bulb!!!!!! Your products are great. If you want to replace lights frequently and not have them work when you are tailoring, purchase a ??????? piece of crap.

These kinds of endorsements … along with many others we have received over the past 35 years … clearly demonstrates that End Users are impressed with our quality … our unique Styling and our grief-reducing features. Additionally … consider the fact that … over 3 Million* Drivers are currently using our products which provides significant name recognition for Distributors, Dealer/Jobbers and OEMs selling or using our products to take advantage of. *Includes our popular 3rd Brake Lights (CHMSLs)

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